Conversion disorder essay

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Conversion disorder: What you need to know

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Case Study: Conversion Disorder

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Progress in managing conversion disorder.

What Is Conversion Disorder?

Conversion disorder is a medical condition where its sufferers present neurological symptoms such as paralysis, numbness, blindness or fits without a known neurological trigger.

Conversion disorder, formerly known as hysteria is considered a psychiatric disorder by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which classifies it as a somatoform disorder. Case Study: Conversion Disorder Essay Case Study: Conversion Disorder The client is an 11 year old female - Case Study: Conversion Disorder Essay introduction.

The best way to prevent conversion disorder is to try to find effective ways to manage life’s unavoidable stresses. Physical exercise and stress-relieving activities like yoga and meditation may. Somatoform Disorder essay. By Lauren Bradshaw. February 25, Example Essays. Free example essay on Somatoform Disorder: Conversion disorder is a condition that the patient’s senses, ability to walk, or move are impaired without a medical, neurological disease, or cause.

Instead, psychological factors are believed to be the causes. Conversion disorder is a medical condition where its sufferers present neurological symptoms such as paralysis, numbness, blindness or fits without a known neurological trigger.

Conversion disorder causes physical symptoms, such as shaking, paralysis, or double vision, in response to traumatic or stressful events.

Conversion disorder

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Conversion disorder essay
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